New Single recorded in Russia

Out of all the things I love about making music, the collaborative aspect of the beast is the most stimulating. About a month out from my bi-annual trip to the MOTHERLAND, I hit up two up and coming mc's to see if they wanted to work on a song together. We quickly developed a concept, chose a beat, and then wrote our bars right up to the day of the recording. The hook was made up on the spot. Perhaps we're not musicians and we can't just jam, but we can still vibe off each-other's verses. That type of shit forms connections for life. 

After hours of toiling, I managed to get the vocal mix sounding decent. Growing up around programs such as photoshop and illustrator by means of an education in design, it's refreshing and inspiring to geek out in another way. Also, much RESPECT to audio-engineers around the world. The craft is an art. Without a good engineer you are a ship with a torn sail out at sea. Alternatively,  I guess if you are the next Michael Jackson you can get by without much vocal tweaking if the recording is done on a good microphone. (not the case for me) 


Hope you enjoy the track as much as we enjoyed making it. 



Me and the man himself - Lester

Me and the man himself - Lester

Glass Hamlet